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Custom Holography: a powerful product

The most dynamic graphic medium used in advertising today, holography adds three critical aspects to any promotion: impact (people notice them immediately, pass around value (people show them to associates and friends), and longevity (people keep them for long periods of time). During our twenty years in the holography field, we’ve built a reputation of innovation, quality and service by producing fine, custom holograms. To this day, we remain a world leader in the production of state of the art holographic imagery.

Custom Photo Polymer Hologram (Krystal Line)

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in fully custom holography. If you would like to use custom holography, please supply project details (quantity, artwork, deadline and specific use).

Custom Security Holograms

Since overt and covert security devices can be incorporated or added onto fully-custom images, custom holography offers the highest possible level of security that is available, and in large volume can be extremely cost-effective. Please submit project specifications (image, size, quantity, use, and whether manual or machine application will be used) to your HoloBrands representative for a quote.


Questions about custom Holography?

E-mail: info@HoloBrands.com

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